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Testimonial from a Client

I wanted to leave a testimonial for you if you would like for your website.  I've really appreciated your treatments over the past 8 years and also your guidance.

Elaine has helped me for over 8 years now with Bowen, life and Nutritional advice.  I've really struggled with muscular tension resulting from my IBD (UC), high pressured city job and lack of exercise.  She is very skilled in Bowen and it seems to be an instant release and works better than any other treatment I've tried. This has been complimented with Elaine's ability to listen and understand the causes and provide practical advice to help improve the situation holistically. She has helped give me the confidence to make some really important life decisions that have significantly improved my family's quality of life. I would thoroughly recommend anyone seeking help with muscular issues or generally requiring some insight into their mind/body health or support generally to get in touch with her.

Hope to catch up with you again!

Thanks so much for all your help and support over these years, it really has been a pleasure.

Best regards


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