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September 17: What have we achieved

How's that creativity working for you? I was asked the other day; and a good question too. Evaluation of our goals and achievements are always useful.

Beginners' Meditation has been successful in several venues, so reaching a wider circle of people interested in challenging themselves to learn new ways to re-focus and find their  way to relax and expand thoughts and ideas.

Art and Painting have been a wonderful source of creativity; enabling new art forms to be created and the use of oils with mixed media.  Using collage as a base allows the Right-Brain thinking to emerge and so seeing what the picture wishes to Be rather than having a planned view ahead of time...thus allowing an individual approach to art - very exciting.  We will be holding the first Hampstead Garden Suburb Arts Group Sale in early December....more details to come.

The Bowen Technique continues to help so many people, in so many ways, from new-borns to the retired and it is a joy to be able to continue this work.

So all in all; life continues to move on at its special pace; keep healthy, keep happy and enjoy your days.

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