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Autumn here we come!

We are entering Autumn, that time of year when nature and our bodies are topped up with all the energies that summer offers us.

If we have been outside our Vitamin D levels should be ample, fruits and vegetables have been abundant. Delights of peaches, nectarines, strawberries etc have been easy to obtain; and salads have been on the menu.

So now is the time to focus back on ourselves and think about our needs for the next few months and obtain a positive outlook and optimum immune system for the months to come.

Here are some questions that we might want to look at:

How am I going to change my food intake so that I keep eating well?

What exercise am I going to take on if I cannot get outside?

How am I going to replace the joy of sunshine and brightness now there is less light in a day?

Can I learn something new that will give me more creativity?

Let’s work on finding a place that we are happy to be; let us make our bodies and minds as well as we can. We have wonderful opportunities, let us use them.




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