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Art in all its glory: May 2017

I hear from clients, and indeed often feel myself; there is just not enough time in a day. If we are privileged to have a job; time to exercise, eat well and enjoy time with friends and family.....what time is there to slow down; feel ourselves at a deeper level to enjoy creativity; the arts and nature. These relatively free things are essential to our well-being and to our good health. I have always been taught and indeed pass on now; that it is so necessary to our inner peace to get into nature and find something we can learn in a creative way. Painting, sculpture, drawing, sowing, gardening....so many options are available to us. Committing the time is the first step, and then go for it. Learn, explore - it doesn't matter how good we are at the thing we have chosen. We will improve if we continue to apply ourselves and we will end up with our own 'unique' way of expressing that form.
I have a month's exhibition coming up in November at the Fellowship House, 136 Willified Way, London NW11 6YD and you are invited to join me on November 3rd 7-9pm in the Art Room for drinks and a chat.
Enjoy the creativity that is within each one of you!

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