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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

At some point in all our lives, we can benefit from the perspective of a knowledgeable, qualified professional. There is no single means by which this benefit can be imparted but for me the secret lays in being able to listen intently to the needs of my client, to make observations in an empathetic way that can create clarity and to give opportunities that maximize potential.

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One hour sessions: £75.00 Sessions can be taken by appointment: Skype: telephone and email

Life coaching is about taking the whole person, on many levels, and helping them to understand themselves better. It’s about learning to see positive aspects in any given situation, perhaps for the first time.

Unrecognised opportunities that may lay deep within a client can be revealed, discussed and planned for. Very often it can be easy to implement and aid the individual to create a balanced, creative and fulfilling future.

As a professional, I am qualified in many areas to help guide those changes. I am a qualified nutritionist and Bowen therapist, I have lectured in college for many years and I teach meditation techniques for beginners as well as tutoring more experienced practitioners. I firmly believe in the acquisition of wisdom through knowledge so am constantly in training myself and understand that our lives are journeys of learning and implementing. Life is constantly changing and we must change with life; and sometimes we need the help of another trusted person to move forward or to achieve our full potential.


Who will Smile First

We walk around, just looking for a smile
In the people we see and march right past
We look for a smile; to let us know
We are not alone

Who will smile first; who will confirm
That we are all hearts merging; meeting in the rain
That we are all so similar
All needing the same

So let's smile with our eyes
Smile with our hearts
Let's smile with our touch
And smile with our words

Remind ourselves we are all One
All needing a smile, all needing that love
Let us put an end to all the searching,
And let us start generating just that smile

With the people we meet
In the life we lead
In the things we hold
In the days we mould
Let us smile at each-other, Truly Smile.

Elaine Wight August 2010

Aspirations For a Day
To bring tenderness to all things we touch
To have simplicity in all our thoughts
To possess an openness of mind and heart

To express the gladness of soul power
To convey serenity in all actions

To have an understanding of different points of view
To appreciate every thing that touches our lives each and every day.

Elaine Wight 2001