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What a client has to say about Bowen

I was hospitalised due to a double ulcer and severe anemia. During my convalescence at home I was highly distressed and anxious because I had the fear that something would happen again. I had irritable bowels for over a month and I often felt breathless and shaky as soon as I tried to go out…
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January, the symbolic beginning of a new cycle and an opportunity to take stock, review our lives and plan for an improved lifestyle. So that we can actually put in place some of our ideals and do not fall in the first week of our great plan; I feel that these new ideals should not…
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December 2014

Welcome to my new website.

December is a wonderful month to try and find some time for oneself amongst the chaos of festivities.  A time to re-assess the year and the experiences we have all gone through and take stock of things we are proud of, the aspects we need to improve upon and to give  a little gratitude to the God we believe in for our lives and for the things we cherish.

This is one of those superb youtubes that reminds us that humanity can have a big heart.  I loved it and I hope you do too.


I wish you and your's a cherished time together.