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December 2014

Welcome to my new website.

December is a wonderful month to try and find some time for oneself amongst the chaos of festivities.  A time to re-assess the year and the experiences we have all gone through and take stock of things we are proud of, the aspects we need to improve upon and to give  a little gratitude to the God we believe in for our lives and for the things we cherish.

This is one of those superb youtubes that reminds us that humanity can have a big heart.  I loved it and I hope you do too.


I wish you and your's a cherished time together.

Art in all its glory: May 2017

I hear from clients, and indeed often feel myself; there is just not enough time in a day. If we are privileged to have a job; time to exercise, eat well and enjoy time with friends and family.....what time is there to slow down; feel ourselves at a deeper level to enjoy creativity; the arts…
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September 17: What have we achieved

How's that creativity working for you? I was asked the other day; and a good question too. Evaluation of our goals and achievements are always useful. Beginners' Meditation has been successful in several venues, so reaching a wider circle of people interested in challenging themselves to learn new ways to re-focus and find their  way…
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Autumn here we come!

We are entering Autumn, that time of year when nature and our bodies are topped up with all the energies that summer offers us. If we have been outside our Vitamin D levels should be ample, fruits and vegetables have been abundant. Delights of peaches, nectarines, strawberries etc have been easy to obtain; and salads…
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Testimonial from a Client

I wanted to leave a testimonial for you if you would like for your website.  I've really appreciated your treatments over the past 8 years and also your guidance. Elaine has helped me for over 8 years now with Bowen, life and Nutritional advice.  I've really struggled with muscular tension resulting from my IBD (UC),…
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