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ART GALLERY Paintings For Sale

Work by Elaine Wight

Paintings For Sale. My online Art Gallery intends to show the beauty and excitement of discovering how to draw or paint. But this only reveals its secret as the colours and marks are put onto a base, be it paper, canvas, board, metal or brickwork.

Personally I find it so very interesting that pure whiteness needs a shadow to show an image. Maybe just like life, we need all kinds of experiences that slowly colour our personalities and give us the qualities we know to be our unique selves.

Discovering how to paint, or how to write, or sew lets the flow of creativity form its image which can be an exciting journey. And if someone enjoys the work we produce, then the circle seems to complete itself. So thank you for letting me show some of my work, and allowing the circle of life to complete itself. Some of the work you see here are commissioned pieces, some have been sold and others are for sale.

I have added a New Series of five Mixed Media Paintings. Achieved with the effect of collage, oil and glaze. This new series of paintings let me know what they are going to be, rather than a planned event beforehand.

To buy a painting email: elainefcole@gmail.com